Maisha Yetu

MAISHA YETU is a Swahili word meaning our lives. A Design house that inspires marginalized commercial handicraft producers in Africa (Kenya)who are filled with great and unique ability, creativity, vibrant ,authenticity and expertise in all kinds of crafts ,skilled in high quality handmade jewellery, textile items, Shibhori fabrics ,soapstone carvings/engravings, handwoven baskets, bead-work, good-wood carvings, leather sandals and assorted accessories.

We work with small, medium enterprises and designers in Africa (Kenya) who depend on high quality handwork business for their livelihood and we work with them directly with no middlemen involved.

Our Principals: We value other people’s integrity, honesty, respect, personal responsibility, compassion and dependability.

We provide markets and product development training for our producers.


1. Baskets Weavers: Are widows and widowers who depend on farming, beekeeping and basket weaving for their livelihood and they come from a small Tribe in the coastal County of Kenya known as TAITA.

2. Soapstone Carvers: Are Men and Women who struggle to make ends meet e.g. paying school/collage fees for their children, hospital bills and basic needs they depend entirely on stone carving business as the only income and they are based in Tabaka.

3. Jewellery Production: Are made by young artisans who graduated from the university but lacked employment.

4. Textile Producers: Are Men and Women from a local church in Mount Kenya. Who obtain their livelihood from production of Shibori textile design.

5. Textile Colourful vibrant patch work bags: Made from fabric swatches are done by a mother of three who lives in one of the Nairobi Ghettos,

6. Palm leave baskets: Are made by women in Turkana Lodwar village a semi-arid area in Northern Kenya.

7. Banana fibre/Reeds products: Made a group of Women in Kibera, which is the largest slum in East and Central Africa

8. Bead-Work and Leather beaded Products: Are made by the Masaai Women who have gone through FGM these women mainly do farming. cattle keeping and bead-work for their livelihood.

We cover all their shipping and Tax Costs for all their products. Maisha Yetu is currently supporting close to 200 family members to better their livelihoods and the future for their children.