A Bit About Us

Our History

We opened the doors of Daisy & Daisy in Old Town, Swindon, in 2000, and since our first day we’ve brought the best selection of products and merchandise to our customers. Our name has become synonymous with quality throughout the entire Swindon area and beyond. We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic items along with unique limited edition and seasonal items to fit any budget.
Since 2020, Daisy & Daisy has become the most well-known new age style shop in Swindon.
What started out as a hobby has since evolved and become mine and my family’s passion. We’re proud to have created a generation of happy customers and look forward to continuing our work for years to come!
At Daisy & Daisy there is so much to offer, not just unique items, bespoke services as well as holistic therapies

Back in 2014 my son was diagnosed with autism, at age 5, this in turn had turned my world upside down, I started to look for hobbies to do in aid to help bring calm back into my life, after dabbling with a fair few hobbies I found wax was the best in helping me still my mind.
After a while friends and family started asking if I was selling what I had made, this then prompted me into looking what was needed in order to sell them.
Fast forward a few years and I decided upon a name, Red Ribbon Candles. So, armed with the knowledge, stock and a name, I started looking for a shop to call “home”. After much searching, I found a place to get me started and that was to be home for the next 2 years.
in April 2020 I decided to move to another part of town as I had out grown where I was.
Over the 2 years I had grown my business and it is much more than candles now. I thought the name needed changing, and to keep in line with my new look and new products, I took to my middle name, that I proudly share with my late grandmother, and thus Daisy & Daisy was born.
Without the support of my family, I would not be where I am today, my son is still inspiring me to create and I owe this to him.


82 Victoria Road, Old Town Swindon, SN1 3BB

Opening Times

Mon - Sat: 10.30am - 5pm

Sunday: Closed